Stephen Johnston, MBA | Co-Founder

Stephen Johnston is Founder and CEO of Fordcastle LLC, an innovation consulting firm and founder of Aging2.0. Stephen’s work is rooted in his belief in the power of mobile technology to connect, educate and empower people. He has advised firms of all sizes – from start-ups to multi-national companies – around innovation, healthcare and technology, with a special focus on the aging demographic. Recent clients of Fordcastle include Vodafone, Roche Diagnostics, Intercontinental Hotels Group and the Tau Consortium, a research group on the frontier of neuroscience and personalized medicine. He is co-author of Growth Champions, published by Wiley in April 2012. Stephen has worked for Nokia, Bertelsmann, Daimler, BASF and the European Commission during his time in London, Brussels, Helsinki and New York. He has an MA in Economics from Cambridge University and an MBA from Harvard Business School, where he was a Fulbright Scholar. Stephen is on LinkedIn here, and can be reached at and @sdbj.

Katy Fike, PhD | Co-Founder

Katy Thomas Fike is a PhD gerontologist and CEO of Innovate50, an innovation consulting firm focused on the 50+ market, and co-founder of Aging2.0. Innovate50 works across a broad spectrum of industries including consumer products, healthcare, retail, technology, travel and fashion. Innovate50 clients include Fortune 500 companies as well as select start-ups and venture capital firms.  Katy received her doctorate from University of Southern California’s Davis School of Gerontology, where she was a National Institute on Aging Fellow.  She has taught gerontology at the university level and her research has been published in peer- reviewed journals and presented at several national conferences. Earlier in her career, Katy worked as an investment banker and corporate strategist for Lehman Brothers. She received her undergraduate degree in Systems Engineering from University of Virginia.  Katy is on LinkedIn here and can be reached at and @innovate50

Liz Emery, MPH | Program Manager

Liz is on LinkedIn here and can be reached at // @LizandEtt // @emeryej.

Wen Dombrowski, MD | Connector and Translational Innovator

Wen Dombrowski, MD is a visionary healthcare leader dedicated to improving the quality of life of aging and underserved populations via health administration, technology, policy, and social innovation. She is a physician board certified in Internal Medicine and Geriatric Medicine. Currently Wen directs the Health I.T. and Clinical Data strategy at a network of community health centers in the Bronx, New York in a cross-functional role that collaborates with clinical, technical, operations, and finance staff. Prior to this, Wen was a medical director of a Medicare insurance plan for elderly and disabled adults. She has extensive experience working with elderly persons in nursing homes, assisted living, adult day care, home care and hospice settings. Wen is on LinkedIn here, and can be reached at @HealthcareWen.

Emily Lutzker, PhD | Contributing Editor

Emily Lutzker, PhD is a former exhibiting artist and cultural studies scholar with experience in creative industries, arts and academia for over 15 years. Her specific areas of interest are the future, technology, critical thinking, bridging right brainers and left brainers, and the growing creative economy where imagination is championed and put to good use. Emily’s the Founder and CEO of OpenInvo, and has long been passionate about the need for innovation in the aging space. Emily is on LinkedIn here, and can be reached at and @lutzker@openinvo.

Nina Dunn | PR

Nina Dunn is a health care and elder care public relation specialist at Spector & Associates. She aspires to change public’s perception about aging and to help companies understand the unique needs of older adults. Nina has a passion for health tech, mhealth, telehealth and chronic disease management. Nina is a recognized authority on health care and elder care industry trends and is a regular contributor to Ragan Healthcare Communications NewsCARING Magazine, McKnight’s Long-Term Care, Patient Advocate by Dorland Health and Case in Point magazine, among other publications. Nina is on LinkedIn here, and can be reached at @spector_health.

Eve Bayer | Advisor

Eve Bayer is an independent brand strategist, who has worked with a mix of non-profit organizations, for-profit start-ups, and Fortune 500 companies, helping each grow their client-bases, create new revenue streams, and position their admirable missions to the market. Eve is on LinkedIn here, can be reached at @evb02.