Partnership requests

We regularly receive partnership and collaboration requests by members of the Aging2.0 community. We’ll update this page with information as we receive it, with the most recent at the top. If you’d like to submit a partnership proposal, send us an email at with a description of what you’re looking for, who you want and when you want it, plus your logo and contact details. We’ll review and let you know if it’s not a good match, otherwise will add it to the list.


Description: A new approach to development.  Local New York tech developer talents at $60/hr.  This is a social initiative training new development talent under the supervision of top tech developers.  We create jobs and provide affordable resources for the community at large.

Who is this relevant for: Companies looking for additional affordable tech talent. Agencies, startups.


The ASCP is an organization that has 6,000+ members who are consultant pharmacists – focused on geriatric medication management. As such they’re one of the gatekeepers between pharmacists and the seniors themselves, so if you’ve got an interest in medication management, this – their annual event – is one you should seriously think about attending. We’ve been asked by the ASCP to help find some great startups who’d be interesting for their members, so if you’re interested, drop us a line at, and together with the ASCP, we may be able to give you preferential access to this important group. [Added 9/23/12]


Description: Omhu is a company that is trying to bring design, beauty and dignity to medical devices and objects for daily living. We launched a few years ago with our flagship product the Omhu Cane. Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Sports Therapists “We are getting ready to start work on other items that assist people as they change throughout life. That’s the reason for reaching out. I am doing some quick research to determine what are the key products that need design most. As experts in your field I was hoping to get some quick feedback from you that would help us determine which products we should work on first.

This is all qualitative research as we are only looking to map out a plan of action. Your input would be greatly appreciated. The questions are very basic so if you have some time please kindly give us a reply. We are very eager to begin to change people’s perceptions on aging and disability and would love to move forward in a way that is most beneficial to all.

Here are the questions:
– What are the top 20 products that you most often prescribe and recommend to your patients?What are the most common reasons that you prescribe the products?
– Thank you in advance for your time and input. Recently we collaborated with acclaimed photographer William Wegman so that you can get a better sense of the kind of change we hope to bring to this industry. Check out the photos at”. [Added 9/7/12]

For more info, contact: Rostislav Roznoshchik.


Description: We are working on a new consumer-focused innovation project for a large, in-home, non-medical care provider. As part of our research, we are looking to conduct interviews over the next few weeks with family caregivers (people who are currently, or have recently been, caregivers for an older adult). If you or someone you know (or a group of family caregivers) may be interested in being interviewed for the project, please let me know. Timing: September – October 2012. [Added: 9/4/2012]

For more info, contact: Stephen Johnston


Description: Perspectives in Assistive Technology is a Winter Quarter course for students to learn about issues surrounding the design and use of technology that benefits people with disabilities and seniors. I teach a course at Stanford University called “Perspectives in Assistive Technology” that is open to students from every discipline to learn about the design and use of technology that benefits people with disabilities and seniors. In addition to twice-weekly presentations by guest lecturers and tours of local medical facilities and engineering labs, students pursue projects that address problems faced by users of assistive technology. The lectures are open to the community and your suggestions for student project ideas are welcome. This would be a great opportunity for anyone interested in the aging field to engage bright students on the challenges facing seniors, working with them to design, fabricate, and test prototype solutions. [Added: 9/1/2012]

For more info, contact David L. Jaffe, MS.