Contribute an article

We’re aiming to highlight innovation in the aging space wherever it happens to be, and we’re currently only scratching the surface. We want this to be the first place to turn when people look for business innovations in this market.

If you’re interested in the space and have a good article about business innovation, either for the 50+ demographic, or by that group, then let us know. Remember that we’re not a site targeted directly at seniors themselves, we’re targeted at businesses aiming to serve them, so we don’t need ‘How to’ guides about aging, but we do need ‘How to’ guides about developing business opportunities.

So submit the article with links in a word document, together with any associated images etc to and we’ll publish it if it meets the following criteria.

  • Relevant to the aging market.
  • Readership is intended to be either entrepreneurs (large or small companies), investors, academics etc, not consumers themselves.
  • Interesting.
  • Well-written (we like to cut a literary dash if we can, and don’t like typos).
  • Not a blatant advert for a product (we’re not going to be re-issuing press releases).

We’d prefer to be the only place that the content appears, but will consider cross-posting on a case by case basis. We’re also not interested in the (generally low-value) blog production factories producing identikit-copy. If you want to write, we want to know about you, and that you’re a passionate innovator in the space, not a SEO machine. Sorry if that sounds blunt.

All clear? Then come on in!