Aging2.0 is a global innovation network. Our mission is to accelerate innovation for the 50+ market. Our network is a cross-disciplinary group of entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, technologists, policy makers and older adults themselves who share our common values of innovation, collaboration and respect for all ages. We are a ‘double bottom line’ business that is developing four complementary business models – media, events, consulting and investments. Together with key partners, we are building a platform for innovation


The longer story: 

Aging2.0 was created to address a paradox: despite the ongoing massive demographic shifts towards older populations around the world, there are relatively few entrepreneurs, investors, brands or hit products working hard to serve the older adult population. In the face of one of the biggest transitions society has ever faced, we think there is a massive, and unmet, need for innovation in this space. As such, we started with the realization that there needs to be a new mindset – one that is focuses on the opportunities, not just challenges, inherent in the remarkable gift of greater longevity.

From that starting point, we started blogging and then had events – building a community of professionals working to reinvent the aging experience. We’re comprised of entrepreneurs (at startups as well as established corporations), investors, technologists, designers, researchers and policy makers who gather online, and in-person, at exciting events around the world. We also make a point of bringing in those who matter most – older adults themselves, as full members of our community.

So far we’ve started blogging, and held meetups in multiple cities, but that is just the beginning. We’re researching data, developing opinions and moving the debate forward with every conversation, blog post and tweet. We’re keeping the barriers to entry as low as possible with free or low-cost events and content. Aging2.0 is a project, and trademark, of Fordcastle LLC, an innovation consulting company, and is run by a committed team of innovation-minded professionals who share a passion for this market. We partner with existing players where possible, and would love to hear from you at info@aging2.com if you’d like to collaborate, sponsor, complain, praise, donate, hire or work for us.  

As a rough guide – and not to be taken too literally – we see Aging2.0 as fundamentally rethinking a number of areas in a way that combines aspiration with practicality:

Aging 1.0 Aging 2.0
Challenge Opportunity
Health care Health, wellness & lifestyle
Age-based Need-based
Ageism Ageless
Deficit-orientation Strengths-orientation
Decline Optimization
Mission-driven Mission- and business-driven
High touch, low tech High touch, high tech
Institutional Aging in community
Government / non-profits Government, non-profits, partnerships & entrepreneurs