Aging2.0 coming to Boston (finally) on Oct 17

Very excited that we’ll be heading to Boston for our first Aging2.0 meeting on Weds October 17, 2012. We are being hosted by the wonderful Redstar Ventures Team, who are incubating some innovative ideas in this space, and who hosted the excellent salon on business opportunities in aging at the end of last year. (I regularly point people interested in getting up to speed with the key business issues in this space to watch that video – it’s really well done.)

Registration is required and space is very limited (less than 40 spots) – go to to get your ticket (and to see the future and past events too). 

In addition to the good networking and drinks with innovators in the space, we have some great startups presenting (and may have an additional “thought leader” or two join in the coming weeks). Watch this space.  

Confirmed startups presenting: 

Looking forward to seeing you in Beantown!