Monthly Archive: November, 2011

Video: Mark Wexler, How To Live Forever


 Image credit: How To Live Forever Mark Wexler has made a terrific new documentary called How To Live Forever, with the ironic subtitle, Results May Vary. Aging2.0 is not that focused on those… Continue reading

Welcome Redstar!


Excited to see Boston-based Redstar Ventures emerge from stealth and put a bold stake in the ground with its inaugural Salon on Dec 7th: The Rise of the Grey Market. Redstar was founded by Jeet Singh… Continue reading

Which is the best city in the world to grow old in?


With half the world now living in cities, and that number set to rise further, the majority of us will inevitably be growing old in a city. But which ones provide the best… Continue reading

Rock ‘n’ Roll Consumer Insights


This morning on the bus I sat next to a man in his 60’s. I could hear the music coming from his headphones loud and clear — Foreigner. Yes, an older man of… Continue reading

GPS shoes for Alzheimer’s sufferers


Springwise reports on what could be a useful gadget for those worried about Alzheimer’s patients wandering off – shoes that track. This was initially designed for kids, but they focused on the senior… Continue reading

Steve Gullans on how we’re dying from accidents


I spoke with a number of fascinating people at the excellent TedMed event in San Diego recently. One of these was Steve Gullans, who’s the business partner in Excel Venture Management of the… Continue reading

A hundred pilots don’t a market make


I had an interesting conversation with Simon Roberts this morning about the reasons for the slow pace of take up of aging-focused products. Simon is an anthropologist, and spent 6 years working on… Continue reading

4sum in the wild – BOOM! Spain


After the last post, Matthias Hollwich followed up and sent over a design they’ve been using for their new BOOM! project in Spain, which has incorporates some of the elements of 4sum. This… Continue reading

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